Sick of Your Dog Tearing Through Toys Faster Than You Can Buy Them?

So was I, my dogs needed a challenge so BarkBox made one.

The Super Chewer Box

Keep reading to learn how you can get 10% off the Super Chewer Box

If you own toy crazed dogs like me then a monthly toy subscription box could be the answer to your problem. What more could you ask for? Unless your sweet pups our professional chewers. Although the look of cute stuffed toys like these below are appealing and would bring joy to watch your cute pup play with, the fact of the matter is that up against a dog who specializes in destruction, these cutesy toys don’t stand a chance.



When it comes to giving cute toys like these to my large dogs who love to rip, tear, and play tug-of-war, I have two options: watch them rip through that taxi in less than five minutes or I only allow one dog to play with the toy for a short amount of time before it must be taken away. Each option has its faults. The first means that my new toy has been destroyed and I must pay for more cute toys to be sacrificed. As for the second option, that calls for too much supervision. When I’m working on a project or cooking dinner I want to be able to give my dogs a toy that will keep them busy for the duration of my tasks at hand.



Sadly, my problems do not end with toys and extends to treats. When I give my dogs treats, the same issues persists they are busy for some time. But once one finishes their chew stick they begin stealing from whoever has not finished theirs in time. Which inevitably results in an all-out war for who can steal who’s treat.

I have yet to find a toy that could not be tarnished or a sturdy treat too damaging for my dogs’ teeth. That is until BarkBox answered the problem of many owners by debuting their newest addition, The super chewer box.



These boxes contain heavy duty chews, all-natural treats, and challenging, strong toys built for your “world-chompian pups.” The best part is that if your dog is just too good and defeats a toy, BarkBox will send you another one for free.


If you need further convincing of these toys’ lasting durability BarkBox even tested their toys on wolves at the Wolf Creek Habitat. Super chewer boxes include products like these which will not go out without a fight against your chewer. The toys and treats
are bigger, tougher and made to last. Don’t believe me? Give it a try yourself and order a box and use the code superchewer10 to get 10% off your first order. Or visit the BarkShop and test out only one or two and leave feedback on how your dog matched up against these tough toys.


However, if you enjoy watching your dog satisfy their need to rip apart the stuffing out of their toys BarkBox has a solution for you too. BarkBox’s Destroyers club features toys extra strong stitching and tightly packed fluff to provide your dog with the ultimate 88.pngsatisfaction when they rip apart their new toy. Some even feature a surprise inside. If this is more your style then I highly recommend enlisting your dog into the destroyer’s club.






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